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Incontinence...You Are Not Alone

Out of the nearly 137 million women who live in the United States, at least half will experience incontinence at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, most of them will suffer in silence because of embarrassment and-most tragic of all-widespread ignorance of the many successful treatments and cures now available from the medical community.

In response to this "silent crisis," the AUA has launched a national educational effort-"Incontinence…You Are Not Alone."

Key messages of the campaign include:

  • Urinary incontinence is a common medical problem that affects half of all women at some point in their lives.
  • Today, a variety of new treatment options can cure or significantly improve incontinence.
  • Embarrassment should not keep women from seeking appropriate medical care from a qualified physician.
  • Loss of bladder control in not an inevitable consequence of bearing children or aging.
  • Patients can visit our website at or call 1-877-DRY-LIFE toll free for more information and a brochure about incontinence.

To arrange interviews with urologists who are recognized female incontinence experts, please call Martha Mallonee at 410.223.4330 or email at

"Incontinence . . . You Are not Alone" public service campaign is sponsored by the American Urological Association, Inc.® and the American Foundation for Urologic Disease.

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